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The corporate office lies in the heart of Okhla Industrial Area in South Delhi.

The plant is spread over 32,500 sq. metres in NOIDA (National Capital Region, 20 km from Central Delhi). IPP is situated opposite NOIDA's Special Economic Zone in the vicinity of major road and air cargo terminals of the National Capital Region. The supporting logistical infrastructure is at par with the best in the South Asian region.

IPP has its marketing office located at Worli in Mumbai, and associates located in Dubai, U.A.E. and in London, U.K.
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Equipments Specification
Scitex Electronic Image Assembly System with 3 work-stations viz., Prismagic, Blaze '98 and Prisma with a range of Power Macs and Power PCs capable of processing all kinds of data -
ICG 370 HS Vertical drum Scanner with copydot option Input - 320mm x 476 mm
Scitex Eversmart Flat bed Scanner Input - 260mm x 445 mm
Dolev 800 V Imagesetter with Brisque Impose and online processor
Output - 838mm x 1117.6
Creo CTP Trendsetter Quantum 800 (Computer to plate)
PlateRite 8600S Screen CTP with online Haase plate processor and baking unit
ESKO Workflow (Deskpack, Artios Cad, Flexrip, Fast Impose, Golden Retriever for Archival)
Knongsberg XE10 Sample Maker  
Roland and Encad Digital Printers Width - 1270 mm
Dianippon, Dupont and FPX 85 Pre-sensitised Plate-processors
Plate - 711 mm x
1016 mm
Fag Proofing Presses (Tw0) mm Sheet size - 508 mm x 711.2
Dianippon Proof Press Model KF 124 GI mm
Sheet size - 762 mm x 1016
Epson 9800 Digital Proofer with Star Rip
Width - 914 mm
Gretag Colour Management System  
Registar Optical Plate Punch  
Spectro Line  
Spectro Scan  
Spectro Eye  
Densitometer (Film)  
Colour Densitometer (Paper)  
Ihara Dot Measuring Device (Plate)  
Equipments Specification
Eight colour Man Roland 708-3B size with RCI Sheet size- 740 mm x 1040 mm
Five colour Man Roland 705 - 3B size with RCI Sheet size- 740 mm x 1040 mm
2 nos. Six colour Man Roland 706 LV with Coater and Interdeck UV
Sheet size- 740 mm x 1040 mm
Six colour Man Roland 106 with RCI
Sheet size- 480 mm x 660 mm
Six colour Man Roland 506 LV
Sheet size- 520 mm x 740 mm
Four color Man Roland 104 with RCI
Sheet size- 480 mm x 660 mm
Double color Planeta Variant with Perfection
Sheet size- 740 mm x 1040 mm
Double color Dominant with Perfection Sheet size- 476 mm x 600 mm
Double color Roland with Perfection Sheet size- 710 mm x 600 mm
Double colour Mitsubishi with Perfection Sheet size - 1120mm x 820mm
2nos. SOLNA C96 Heat Set Web with Double Parallel and 8 page folder
Cut Off- 578 mm
KOMORI Heat Set Web with Double Parallel and 8 page folder
Cut Off- 578 mm
W+D Classic Envelope Maker with 3 on-line printing unts
Iwasakai 6 color Label Press with on-line Die Cutting, Hot-foil Stamping, Waste Removal and one extra unit for Scuff Proof Coating Sheet size- 250 mm x 220 mm
Equipments Specification
2 nos. Polar cutting machine, Model 115(E) with System Size - 1150 mm
1 no. Perfecta - Seypa UC Computerized Cutting Machine Size - 1150mm
1 no Senator Schneider Computerized Cutting Machine Size - 750 mm
1 no. Shen Wei Da Cutting Machine  
Kolbus Ratio Binder KM 470 for Perfect Binding+ Gatherer ZU 803 and Three Knife Trimmer  
Wohlenberg C T Binder
Muller Martini Automatic sticher 235 with 8 Station +3 Knife Trimmer
Book size-
482.6mm x 317.5mm
Stitch Star Automatic Sticher with 8 Station +3 Knife Trimmer Book size- 498 mm x 298 mm
Aster 150 Fully Automatic Sewing Machine-5 Nos  
Minami BS – 420 Section Sewing Machine-2 Nos  
6 nos. Stahl Automatic Folding  
James Burns�Wiro-O (Double loop wire) alongwith MAG k70 380-415 812mm volt 50/60 Hz phase-3:1 square punch tool 3:1 square punch tool with thumbcut 2:1 square punch tool CM 70 electric closing machine
Sheet Size -584.2mm x
Kolbus DA 36 Case Maker.  
Kolbus BF_FE casing in line.  
3 nos. Bobst Auto Platen Die- cutting Machine
3 nos. Bobst High Speed Universal Folder Gluers.
Stinneman fully automatic Lamination machine.  
Kluge Hot-Foil Stamping Machine.  
3 nos. Heiber & Schroder Rotary window patching/ lining machine for window patched cartons and liner cartons
Tsukatani Homono Die Making Equipment Scrola 1300
1 no. Ruling Machine  
2 nos. Shrink Wrapping Machines
Albo Pile Turner   Size - 508mm x 762mm
Ultra Coat 1040 Size - 762mm x 1062mm
Equipments Application
Quadrant Scale To check substance
GSM Round Cutter To cut the specimen
Dial Thickness Gauge To check the thickness
BS Tester To check the rupture resistance
Stiffness Tester To check the strength of Board
Ford Cup To check the viscosity
Scuff Tester To check the adhesion strength between ink and over coating
Mini Compression Strength Tester20 To check compression strength
Digital Tensile Tester To check peel bond strength
Moisture Meter To check the moisture
Oven To check solid content
Water Cobb Tester To check the water absorption
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