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Group IPP, a leading manufacturer of stationery to private labels internationally, aims to fill the gap in the quality of stationery available in the domestic and international markets, with its own-brand of imaginatively designed and carefully crafted stationery products catering to lifestyle seekers, executives and students. From notebooks to envelopes, from executive diaries to personal diaries, from writing pads to message pads, an extensive range has been created to please the senses.

Called PAPERISTO, this new line of premium stationery has a unique personality of its own. The word PAPERISTO is from Esperanto, the international language. It means 'paper-maker', and it denotes the move from the unimaginative approach to stationery items to the bright, modern and liberating world of PAPERISTO stationery, where stationery items of daily use are a means of living the good life. PAPERISTO is planned for ease of use and convenience.

PAPERISTO is the brand as well as the logo, and is designed so that its modern, youthful and aesthetic attributes become apparent. It can be reproduced in different colour combinations, textures and substrates, while maintaining the salient attributes of the brand.

For those, who love the feel of good stationery and get inspired by it, PAPERISTO offers an extensive range available in 42 SKUs. While most of the more popular products are available at stores, a range made of certified recycled products and a children's education and activity line are in the development stage.
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Our products include the following:

Hard Case Notebook
Wiro Notebook
5-in-1 Subject Notebook
Notebook with Lockable Magnet/Button
Writing Pads - Wiro & Tear-off
Blank Books
Scrap Books
Writing Notes
Green Products Range - Notebooks & Diary
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