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Work Flow on IPP's ERP
Pre-Press Equipments
Mono Cartons
Lined Cartons
E-Fluted Cartons
Commercial and Publication Printing
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Advertising & Promotional PoS
Annual Reports and Periodicals
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Equipments Specification
Scitex Electronic Image Assembly System with 3 work-stations viz., Prismagic, Blaze '98 and Prisma with a range of Power Macs and Power PCs capable of processing all kinds of data -
ICG 370 HS Vertical drum Scanner with copydot option Input - 320mm x 476 mm
Scitex Eversmart Flat bed Scanner Input - 260mm x 445 mm
Dolev 800 V Imagesetter with Brisque Impose and online processor
Output - 838mm x 1117.6
Creo CTP Trendsetter Quantum 800 (Computer to plate)
PlateRite 8600S Screen CTP with online Haase plate processor and baking unit
ESKO Workflow (Deskpack, Artios Cad, Flexrip, Fast Impose, Golden Retriever for Archival)
Knongsberg XE10 Sample Maker  
Roland and Encad Digital Printers WIdth - 1270 mm
Dianippon, Dupont and FPX 85 Pre-sensitised Plate-processors
Plate with - 711 mm x 1016 mm
Fag Proofing Presses (Tw0) mm Sheet size - 508 mm x 711.2
Dianippom Proof Press Model KF 124 GI mm
Sheet size - 762 mm x 1016
Epson 9800 Digital Proofer with Star Rip
Width - 914 mm
Gretag Colour Management System  
Registar Optical Plate Punch  
Spectro Line  
Spectro Scan  
Spectro Eye  
Densitometer (film)  
Colour Densitometer (Paper)  
Ihara Dot Mearuring Device (Plate)  
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